Monday 24 July 2017
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Trucking Companies Often Push Their Drivers to the Limit

Trucking Companies Often Push Their Drivers to the Limit

There are many reasons why big rig trucking accidents occur, but the number one reason is driver error. A lapse in judgment or a mistake on the part of the driver will often lead to severe physical injury or death. Truck drivers are under enormous pressure from their bosses and the trucking company’s they work for to meet certain driving goals. Unfortunately, some trucking companies are not interested in providing a valuable service to the public, but rather, maximizing profits. Because of this, some trucking companies often push their drivers to the maximum limits of human endurance, both legally and in many cases, illegally.

The more freight that is hauled and the quicker it is transported effects how much money the trucking companies earn. Truck drivers are under constant pressure to make deadlines. Many times these deadlines are excessive and promote driver negligence. No one likes to be threatened with job loss, and that can cause aggressive driving. A truck driver operating an eighteen wheeler (that weights over eighty thousand pounds) in an aggressive way around vehicles that weigh on average about four thousand pounds, is a recipe for severe injury and death. Truck drivers are paid according to the number of miles they drive and the quicker they arrive at their destination, the more time they will have for driving extra miles that produce more money, not to mention keeping their boss happy.

Another major factor in negligence is driver fatigue. Drivers will often ignore safety regulations and laws to continue driving when they should be sleeping. Many drivers have been known to engage in illegal record keeping on the number of hours they drive. The longer they stay on the road; the more money they make. Trucking companies are well aware of this serious problem. Officially this is not condoned; however, it is usually ignored by the companies. After all, time is money, especially in the trucking industry.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a big rig truck accident because of driver negligence, the first thing to do is get medical help and then call a truck accident injury lawyer. Call a big rig accident lawyer who is an experienced, professional truck accident attorney – a truck accident attorney who will s

Make sure that your rights are fully respected, and your injuries are fully compensated for under the law. Do not take a chance with an attorney who does not understand trucking laws and regulations. Truck accident lawyers are skilled specialists who understand the laws and regulations that govern the trucking industry.

If you have recently been the victim of a truck accident in California, then the first thing you need to do is to make sure that you and your loved ones’ injuries are attended to. Once you finally feel as if you have been able to catch your breath, then it is extremely important that you contact a big rig accident lawyer as quickly as possible. You have just been sucked into one of the dirtiest little secrets in American industry. No one likes to talk about it, but there are almost half a million truck accidents every single year. This results in more than a million people who are involved, injured or suffer fatally in these accidents.

Typically, the way that the trucking companies try to handle an injury accident is to simply pay off their victims to keep them quiet. They may work with a team of truck defense lawyers and insurance companies to try to determine the absolute minimum amount that one of their victims will accept as a payment. It is the job of these trucking defense lawyers and insurance agents to get their clients off the hook for the lowest dollar amount possible, and they have grown exceedingly efficient at it. The priority for these California trucking defense lawyers is to minimize their client’s financial liability and see to a quick resolution so that their clients can continue with business as usual.

However, there is another path. You can demand that you receive real justice. Some people actually do try this at first. However, they become discouraged or frightened when the trucking company’s truck accident defense attorney or insurance company repeatedly rejects their claim and tells them that if they fight they will most likely end up with little or nothing. If you have a legitimate claim, this is complete nonsense! There are laws specific to the trucking industry that protect us from negligent driving and trucking practices. But only a seasoned trucking accident attorney can discern from the details of the case how to go about getting the maximum justice for your injuries.

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