Monday 24 July 2017
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Temporary Resident Permit – A Solution When You Are Refused To Enter Canada

Temporary Resident Permit – A Solution When You Are Refused To Enter Canada

If you are planning to enter Canada, there is a possibility that you might get a negative response by the immigration officers. If you have already experienced this situation, you should know that it is a stressful and disturbing experience.

Here are few reasons why you were or can be refused to enter Canada:-

  • Security reasons
  • International or human rights violations
  • Criminal records
  • Involvement in organized crimes
  • Health issues
  • Financial problems
  • Misrepresentation (any kind)
  • Inadmissible family member

Temporary Resident Permit

These can be few reasons for your denial to enter Canada. When you are in such situation, one thing you should do is be prepared to face it. The most important thing you need, if you go through any of the situations listed above is that you should have proper paperwork to support you.

Another way to enter Canada without getting denied or refused by the immigration officers is getting a TRP i.e. temporary resident permit.

What is TRP?

Basically a Temporary Resident Permit is a Canadian permit, which is issued by citizenship and immigration Canada. It basically allows you to enter Canada for a temporary time limit as a worker, student or a visitor even if you are inadmissible due to any medical problems or criminal records.

TRP is also issued to some people, who are applying for Canadian immigration and they are declared inadmissible for any reason.

Things to know about TRP –

You should definitely read this guide before crossing the border. Here are some facts and information about TRP, which will be helpful, if you are applying for it.

Things to know about TRP

Application for the permit at the Canadian border –

If you are from a visa exempt country like USA, you can definitely apply for the TRP at the USA-Canada border. If you are approved, your permit will be granted.

There are some risk factors to the application for TRP at the border like you can be disapproved and turned away from the border or in very rare cases be detained by the Canadian immigration authorities.

Application for the TRP at the Canadian embassy –

Mostly, the TRPs are directly submitted to a Canadian embassy or Canadian consulate for processing. If you are from USA, you can apply for the TRP at a Canadian consulate in your own country. A disadvantage of applying for the TRP at the Canadian embassy rather than at the border is that the processing can take months and you would have to wait until it comes through.

Validity –

The validity period of the TRP completely depends upon the circumstances of your denial case. TRP can be valid for months, years or can be valid for single or multiple entries to the country.

The whole process can be confusing and overwhelming. There are many professional companies with immigration experts, who can help you or even take care of the whole process for you. Contact well established companies that can help you with the complex procedure.


Author’s Bio:-Arthur Cooper is well versed with the laws related to entering Canada, and he has written well researched articles on the topic. If you are planning on visiting Canada, please read this guide before crossing the border.