Saturday 18 November 2017
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How to Make a Vehicle Accident Injury Claim

How to Make a Vehicle Accident Injury Claim

If you are injured while travelling in a vehicle, and were not driving, it might be possible to claim against the driver of the vehicle that was at fault. Every driver of a vehicle in Australia must obtain a compulsory green slip insurance, which is a third party policy that covers any injuries sustained to a third party while the driver was on the road. If, for example, a taxi driver failed to see a dog running across the road, and this caused the passenger to sustain injuries, it is possible to make a claim against the taxi driver, providing it can be proven that he or she was negligent.

Gathering Evidence

This is essential for a successful claim, as with legal matters, they are only concerned with facts, and those facts must be verifiable in some way or another. Witnesses to the accident are critical, so if you are ever in that situation, make a note of any contact details, should there be any witnesses. If you are able, take photos with your smartphone, of both the scene of the accident and also your injuries, although this isn’t always possible. Visit your doctor as soon as it is practical, as you will need your GP to make a note in your records, regarding the accident and more importantly, your injuries.

Sourcing a Personal Injury Lawyer

This is not nearly as difficult as one might think, and with online solutions, a quick search and you will have the contact details of a reputable legal form that handle vehicle accident damage claims. There are reputable car accident lawyers in Canberra who will give you a free assessment of your claim.

No Win No Fee

This system ensures that everyone is able to make a claim if they think their injuries were caused by a driver’s negligence, and the lawyer would review your case thoroughly, at no expense to yourself, then, if he or she felt that you have a strong case, they would offer to represent you on a no win-no fee basis. This means you would not have to pay a single dollar until you received your compensation, and with your claim in the hands of experts, the chances are, you will receive an award.

Settlements Out of Court

If you have a very strong case that is well documented and detailed, the chances are the Driver’s insurance company would prefer to settle out of court. This avoids huge legal bills on both sides, and what’s more, the judges are not tied up with clear cut cases, and can spend more time looking at claims that are in dispute.

If you are fully informed about the procedure, it could come in handy at some future date, and if the worst happens and you are involved in an accident, as either a passenger or a pedestrian, you might be able to file a claim of negligence against the driver at fault.