Monday 24 July 2017
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Get Qualified Help from Personal Injury Lawyers

Get Qualified Help from Personal Injury Lawyers

A person or company may commit an error that causes injury through careless act. An injured party may sue to recover costs or damages due to fraud, trespassing, emotional harm, lost wages, medical expenses or future losses decided upon by the courts. Filing a lawsuit may help you gain compensation, hold the tortfeasor responsible to pay damages, prevent future reckless actions and defend your legal rights.

Personal Injury Law

If you’ve been injured in an accident you want representation by a trustworthy law firm that specializes in personal injury law suits. If you’ve been accused of causing harm to another personal injury attorney may be your defense and protect your legal rights. Personal injury attorneys like Siegfried and Jensen can help you build a winning case.

Locate A Personal Injury Attorney

Local phone books are an easy tool to find an attorney but more in-depth information is available online.

• YP phone app
Internet search engines
• Websites

County and State Bar Association

Research your lawyer’s reputation even if you have a referral. Contact your local county and state Bar Association online to find an attorney near you. You’ll find a list of lawyers in your area, however take note of the fields of practice. Analyze only those practicing in the special field you need to represent you.

You’ll see a profile picture of each lawyer, their years of experience and how long they’ve practiced in your area, specialty fields, fees, education and awards, professional associations and their business address and phone number. Some add websites, blogs, videos and social media. You may even be able to contact them through their profile with a brief message. Use caution if their profile suggests they need to update their information. They may no longer be in practice.

BBB Rating Elements

The Council of Better Business Bureaus rates the way a company interacts with their clients. Rating is based on public responses voiced directly to the company or other data resources. Complaints are included with any positive reviews and effect the rating.

Business evaluations explain the most significant factors that raise or lower a company’s rating. The rating does not guarantee a company’s reliability or performance but is an aspect to consider when seeking a good attorney to work on your case. Long years in operation with no complaints filed with the BBB are factors that raised the rating for Siegfried and Jensen to A+.

You want a reputable lawyer that is registered, licensed and insured that not only understands personal injury processes but also has trial and negotiation experience. A qualified attorney may help win your case.